About Sina Longman

Great to see you here! I’m Sina, the face behind Eco Zeena, and my greatest passion is to make my life more sustainable. But I am also interested in the bigger picture, of which we are all a part, and I firmly believe that we can shape this for the better with our lifestyle. So if you want to live more sustainably and are looking for more information on the subject, then you’ve come to the right place!

Sina Longman

The Sustainability Journey

How nice would it be if I could tell you how I made my life more sustainable over the course of just a few weeks! Unfortunately it’s not that easy and therefore the commitment to live more sustainably can best be compared to a journey. A trip that gets better the longer you are on the road, because you can look at your progress and feel good about it. But it’s also a journey that never really ends, as it’s not always easy to live sustainably in a society that is not built on the principles of sustainability. Therefore, this page should serve as a guide on your journey to a more sustainable life. Here you can see where you are along your journey and what is still ahead of you.

The Scientist in me

I did my studies – from bachelor to doctorate – in the field of geosciences and especially during my doctorate I learned to work scientifically. This includes intensively studying a topic, collecting data and evaluating and interpreting it. This conscientiousness and commitment to accuracy is also important to me for this page, because as a trained scientist I like to make well-founded decisions. In a society where fake news increasingly play a role, I think this is all the more important.

A little bit more about me

 As I haven’t switched my life to sustainability within a short period of time, I can’t tell you exactly how it all started. But I know one thing: I was already interested in the environment and animal welfare at school (more than 10 years ago). At the time I wrote a report in school on the Kyoto Protocol (the predecessor of the Paris Agreement). After school, I studied geosciences, first getting my bachelor’s degree, then my master’s (both in Germany) and finally my doctorate for which I went to the UK.

In the course of my studies I specialized in reconstructing past climates in Earth’s history. As a result I worked on the reconstruction of the climate in Norway during the Pliocene period (about 3 million years ago) for my doctorate. The Pliocene is of particular interest as the climatic conditions at that time were similar to those that we expect in the future due to anthropogenic climate change i.e. warmer, with more extreme weather.

After my doctorate, I was determined to leave science in order to apply my knowledge to society,  and contribute to making it more sustainable. Unfortunately that was easier said than done, but after overcoming a few obstacles, I finally founded Eco Zeena in Winchester, UK.

In summer 2020 I moved from the UK to Germany with my husband and at the time of writing (September 2020), we are still settling into our new life.

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