Wir haben seit Januar 2023 wegen Umzug von Deutschland nach England geschlossen.

Auch wenn es Eco Zeena leider nicht mehr gibt, so findet Ihr eine Auswahl unserer Produkte weiterhin bei Carlas Naturwaren und Naturewaves.

Die Kosmetikprodukte von Zero Waste Path gibt es jedoch leider nicht mehr, da das Unternehmen schließen musste.

Vielen Dank für Eure Unterstützung.

About Eco Zeena

Eco Zeena was a small business, trading mainly on markets, for sustainable cosmetic and household products. The business was founded by Sina Longman in 2019 in Winchester, UK. The first year of trading was interrupted by lockdown in March 2020. During that time, opportunities arose for Sina’s husband, who works in academic research, to move to her home country Germany. After moving to Oldenburg in the northwest of Germany, Sina reopened the business and successfully ran, in addition to the market, two pop-up stores and a Christimas market stall in the time she was there.

Life took another turn when her husband got a job offer in England in 2022. After some deliberation, they decided to move again. As a result, Sina closed Eco Zeena in Germany at the end of 2022.

It is still unclear what will happen to Eco Zeena. With a science backround herself, Sina has returned to academia for now, but reopening Eco Zeena is very much still an option.

Markstand / market stall Eco Zeena
Pop-up store Eco Zeena
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